Transferable Methodology for Interdisciplinary Research

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 Interdisciplinary research: intermittently theorised, frequently funded, increasingly valorised.

But how is it actually done?

In order to explore answers to this question, we have created Working Knowledge.

Working Knowledge is a collection of Project Shorts: short, accessible and user-friendly resources dedicated to the practical ins and outs of interdisciplinary research. Covering everything from managing a project’s social media presence to conducting experimental design ‘hackathons’, the series is essential reading for anyone thinking of funding or embarking on interdisciplinary research.



The resources in Working Knowledge span three distinct themes: Working Together, People & Roles
and Engaging Others.

You can click on the buttons below to access the Project Shorts in each category.



Our hope is that Working Knowledge will expand to include a range of Project Shorts from other interdisciplinary projects.  If you would like to be kept informed about the development of the collection, please complete the form below to sign up for our email updates.


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